Experience the Lockyer’s multicultural magic

You don't need a plane ticket or a passport, you can experience the world at the Lockyer Valley Multicultural Festival this Sunday at Ferrarri Park, Laidley. Picture: FILE

Discover the world’s diverse cultures all in one place, all in one day at the Lockyer Valley Multicultural Festival at Ferrari Park on 26 May.

This year, the festival will commemorate its 10th anniversary with a spectacular celebration of culture through food, music, and performances from around the globe.

The day will kick off at 10am with people encouraged to come in traditional clothing and fly their national flag with a united nations walk to open the festival.

The free-entry event will feature five hours of live entertainment, including a traditional Chinese performance, African drumming, Bollywood-style belly dancing, and Nepalese dances.

John Parsons will represent the First Nations people of the Lockyer Valley as a Yuggera and Ugarapul man in the Welcome to Country ceremony.

Spirit of the Valley president and events coordinator Idell Wadley said the festival is a genuine chance to connect with people from different backgrounds and learn from cultures that thrive in the Valley. 

“We have a rich cultural fabric here in the Lockyer,” she said. 

“The point I like to get across is that the overwhelming majority of everything we do in Australia originated overseas from our language, number system, and food, which all originated from other lands.

“This is an opportunity to come and learn and discover just how amazing these cultures are.” 

Children will have the chance to learn the greetings of different countries through a passport quest game, in which they visit cultural villages to earn a prize.

Since its inception in 2014, the event has grown from a few hundred people attending the Sports Centre in Gatton to over 4,000 attending Ferrari Park.

The different cultures represented at the festival this year included: Aboriginal Australia, New Zealand (Maori), India, Pakistan, Ireland, Scotland, China, Japan, Papua New Guinea, Ethiopia, Sudan, Ghana, Afghanistan, Nepal and Solomon Islands.