LVRC celebrates vollies

Lockyer Valley Regional Council is celebrating National Volunteer Week. Picture: LVRC

Monday, 20 May marks the start of National Volunteer Week for 2024 and Lockyer Valley Regional Council (LVRC) is paying tribute to those community members who give up hours of their own time to the selfless act of volunteering.

National Volunteer Week is Australia’s largest annual celebration of volunteering.

The theme, ‘Something for Everyone’, plays a fitting tribute to the diverse passions and talents that everyone brings to the act of volunteering.

To mark National Volunteer Week, LVRC is extending thanks to the region’s unsung heroes who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make the Lockyer Valley a better place.

There are three volunteers at Lockyer Valley Libraries and 11 who assist in making the ‘JP in the community service’ possible.

Denise and Heather, who set aside time monthly to pack the Lockyer Valley Library Busy Bags, said they really receive – as well as give – from the act of volunteering.

“We really enjoy coming into the library each month to help put the ‘Busy Bags’ together,” they said.

“It is great to catch up and chat while we pack the bags.

“The library staff are so creative and offer a great kit for the kids each month.”

Behind the scenes at the Visitor Information Centre, eight volunteers are on hand, seven days a week, to assist in making the VIC and the Queensland Transport Museum the well-oiled machine it is.

LVRC Mayor Tanya Milligan said these people put the needs of others before their own without looking for any recognition.

“Our volunteers are here to greet visitors when they come into the centre and help them with any tourism enquiries they may have, including selling local souvenirs and promoting tourism operators within the region, or even assisting with events from time to time,” she said.

While they don’t look for thanks, Cr Milligan said National Volunteer Week was the perfect time to show appreciation to these caring individuals.

“Dedicating their time and energy to make a positive difference is such a commendable act,” she said.

“So many volunteers operate quietly in the background and rarely receive the thanks they deserve.

“This is an opportunity to recognise those people who provide so much to our communities and celebrate what they bring to the Lockyer Valley region.”

The JP in the Community service is always in need of extra assistance.

If you are a JP who would like to participate, contact Lockyer Valley Libraries on (07) 5466 3434.

For further information, contact council on 1300 005 872 or visit