Lockyer council highlights: week ending 24 May

Lockyer Valley Regional Council has issued its annual dog registration renewal notices, with payment due by 26 June. Picture: LVRC


Lockyer Valley Regional Council (LVRC) will undertake a test activation of the Grantham Flood Warning Siren at 12pm on Saturday, 1 June 2024.

The test will include a siren tone followed by a verbal message informing people in low-lying areas to move to higher ground.

This is a good opportunity for community members to review their own evacuation plans and consider a range of alternative routes.

The siren was installed to alert the community to significant safety risks including loss of life.

It is not used for low-level flooding in general.


LVRC’s infrastructure crews have now finished Emergency Works following the severe storms and flooding that damaged parts of the region in late January 2024.

In February, council was activated for Counter Disaster Operations, Emergency Works and Restoration of Essential Public Assets (REPA) under the Ex-TC Kirrily event, with the Emergency Works period concluding on 30 April.

While the extent of damage incurred is not the same as the 2022 floods, it still requires substantial effort to address, and council has been undertaking these Emergency Works while also finalising 2022 REPA and Betterment funded programs before their deadlines of 30 June 2024.

Following the Emergency Works, the Queensland Reconstruction Authority’s REPA damage assessments have commenced and are being prioritised for either temporary or permanent repairs.

We thank the community for its continued patience as we rebuild following this latest weather event.


Road crews have now moved onto Stage 2 of the Woodlands Road rehabilitation program.

Stage 1 of the project is still in progress, with a second coat of seal, guardrails, signage, and line markings to be installed.

Stage 2 is located slightly south of Stage 1 and involves widening and upgrading the road.

Like the initial phase, the second stage of construction will have single-lane traffic, a reduced speed limit and expected five to 15-minute hold times.

Motorists are advised to prepare their journey in advance and consider seeking an alternative route to avoid delays.


Did you know all dogs older than three months must be registered by law?

LVRC has issued its annual dog registration renewal notices, with payment due by 26 June.

If your dog has been desexed in the last 12 months, or if you’ve changed address or contact details, please contact council to update your records.

Owners of desexed dogs receive a significant discount, with the annual registration fee being $50 or $35 for some pensioners.

It’s also free to register a dog for the first time if it’s desexed and under six months old.

Fees are used to fund a range of services designed to help dogs, their owners and the wider community.

To register, visit lockyervalley.qld.gov.au/dog-registration or contact 1300 005 872.


Laidley Spring Festival Garden Competition entries are now open!

Head to laidleyspringfestival.com or LVRCl’s Gatton or Laidley Customer Service Centres for an entry form.

Entries close 2 August 2024.