Free ballet in Somerset

The Somerset Civic Centre is home to free weekly ballet classes for kids and adults. Picture: HELEN HAWES

Step into the spotlight and twirl your way through the week with free ballet classes for adults and kids offered weekly at the Somerset Civic Centre.

Adults will have the chance to shine on Tuesdays with a class running from 2 to 3pm, with kids’ classes available on Wednesdays after school at 3:30pm. 

The sessions are led by passionate Esk instructor Helene Hawes, who has 70 years of experience in performing and teaching.

Hawes said the sessions are an outlet to use her skills to give back to the Somerset community.

“I’ve run ballet classes for many years, but when I came to Esk six and a half years ago, I wanted to do something for the community where the community didn’t have to pay,” she said.

Helene said the kid’s ballet group recently had a concert on 22 May, which showed off all the steps they had learned during the sessions.

“We had a few run-throughs during our class time before the concert and presented all the steps and the exercises, and of course, the French names,” she said.

“The kids were aged between four and eight, and everyone from their parents, friends, and neighbours showed up, it was quite a turn-up.”

Tuesday’s adult ballet classes will be followed by a free tap dancing class at 3pm, with no bookings required for the sessions.