Councillors visit RFS facilities

LVRC councillors toured the region’s RFS facilities recently. Picture: LVRC

Lockyer Valley Regional Council’s mayor and councillors toured the region’s Rural Fire Service (RFS) facilities on the weekend 1-2 June.

Mayor Tanya Milligan and Councillors were on hand to chat to volunteers across various local RFS facilities, accompanied by West Moreton Rural Fire Services QFES area director Paul Storrs on Saturday.

Cr Milligan said the visit focused on a range of issues, including their work, conditions, facilities, equipment and terrain.

“What a great opportunity for our new councillors to meet our dedicated firefighting volunteers,” Cr Milligan said.

“Our region encompasses a variety of terrains, which all place differing demands on our RFS.

“This was also a great opportunity to see, first-hand, just how our Rural Fire Levy is utilised.

“These volunteers selflessly give their time to the local community to respond to incidents including severe storms, bushfires, flooding and other disaster-related incidents and we are so incredibly proud of, and grateful for the service and support they provide to our region.”