Growers showcase seeds

Eleven seed companies will show off their wares and help growers make the best decisions for their businesses at the Lockyer Valley Growers Expo on 14-15 June. Pictures: LVGI

Are you making the right decisions for your farming business?

The Lockyer Valley Growers Expo, this Friday and Saturday 14-15 June, is the perfect opportunity to compare your product to industry leaders.

Hosted by Lockyer Valley Growers Inc, the expo expects more than 2,000 attendees from across Australian and the globe.

LVGI president Michael Sippel said the three-yearly expo is always well attended, even during 2021 with travel restrictions in place.

“I always get excited about people coming together, we usually get a minimum of 2,000 people coming from all different regions of Australia,” he said.

“It will be nice to validate the efforts of the seed companies and exhibitors who are going by having representatives there not just from other states around Australia, but there will be quite a contingency of overseas people coming in as well.”

Vice president Mitch Brimblecombe said the expo had 11 seed companies displaying their wares side-by-side.

“We’ve got about 11 seed companies displaying their newest and greatest technology and different varieties of vegetables for the growing community and the local industry to look at, observe, critique and discuss,” he said.

“We’ve got a lot of static displays of equipment and exhibitors… there’s probably over 30 industry exhibitors showcasing what they’ve got to offer for the local industry.”

Exhibitors include chemical companies, machinery dealers, banks, insurance and supply-chain experts.

Mr Brimblecombe said going to the expo was like going to a car dealership.

“These farmers and industry people attending are making business decisions on what varieties of seeds and crops they’re buying based on what they might see in the expo,” He said.

“It reassures you that you might be growing the best varieties, but it also shows you up-and-coming varieties of what might suit different climates and temperatures.”

Mr Sipple said it was rare for so many seed companies to showcase together.

“I’ve just come back from the Netherlands and I went to a seed conference that had 2,000 people at it, but there’s no event like this,” he said.

“Nothing like this happens where you’ll get 11 seed companies working together, who are essentially in opposition to each other, showcase their wares side-by-side and put their name on the line.

“Hats off to the people who work for the seed companies, they’ve done an enormous amount of work.

“We started this journey back in January, seeding in the nursery, then planting starting in February.”

The highlight of the event is the expo dinner on Friday night, 14 June at 5:30pm featuring comedian Jimeoin.

“We’ll have canapes looking over the trial site, so all the different varieties of vegetables are in the background as the sun sets, it’s quite nice,” Mr Brimblecombe said.

“It’s always a fantastic night and a chance to let your hair down and socialise with the community.”

The expo will be held at the Gatton Research Facility on 107 John Howie Memorial Drive, Gatton from 9am-4pm both days.

General admission Friday or Saturday is $20, with a two day pass for $30.

Expo dinner tickets are $180, pre-booking is essential.

Visit to purchase tickets.