Finest fruit and veg wins

What are you bringing to the Esk Show? Even if it’s only one item, anyone can be a champion of fruit and veg. Picture: UNSPLASH

Esk Show Society fruit and vegetables chief steward Keith Abraham is expecting a strong showing of produce across the board with major and minor exhibitors bringing their all.

“Last year one of the major exhibitors, Ricky Norwell, was missing, but many smaller exhibitors made up for the shortfall,” Mr Abraham said.

“This year, I believe he will be back so I would think I would have a very good display in the fruit and vegetables.

“It will create some very good competition and it will also put our young judge under pressure.”

Mr Abraham said part of the reason he has held the position for over 10 years is the connections he has made with exhibitors and judges.

“I get a kick out of it, I like meeting the people bringing stuff in and many a time they want to talk to you and tell you about their interests,” he said.

This year, Esk Show is welcoming guest judge James Tigell from Crows Nest.

“He is a competent young man, and will handle it very well,” Mr Abraham said.

“The last few years it’s been left to me to get a judge and I always like getting someone different each time.

“When you get someone who’s never been there they love coming to a different place.”

Mr Abraham said the Esk Show always had a good display of vegetables, fruit and flowers.

“Greg and Craig Brough will again be organising the produce section of the show and all indications are they are expecting a high number of entries,” he said.

“It’s been very good from the Mt Hallen area, they bring in the passionfruit and citrus and it’s quality stuff.”

Years ago, the champion exhibit was awarded based on points.

“Whoever got the most points won the championship, but I’ve done away with that now,” Mr Abraham said.

“Many a times someone who’s only brought one item in finishes up winning one of those championships, and it spreads it out and gives everybody a chance.

“Last time a person who only had one entry won a microwave oven and they were over the moon, they were so thrilled about it.”

Mr Abraham said an increase in prize money also encouraged participation.

“People with a lime bush in the backyard or a tomato plant with a few tomatoes around the town started bringing their stuff in,” he said.

“It was worthwhile, if they won a class they won the $5 and that made a big difference.”

The fruit and vegetable section will be held in the Chaille Pavilion.

Entries close on Friday, 24 May at 9am, with judging to commence immediately.

For more information contact chief steward Keith Abraham on 5426 6133.