Trevor loves his Fergies

Glamorgan Vale couple Trevor and Valetta Heck with Trevor’s collection of Ferguson tractors. PIctures: JACOB HAYDEN

Trevor Heck has spent the last 12 years of retirement collecting and tinkering with Ferguson and Massey Ferguson tractors.

The Glamorgan Vale tractor-lover retired in 2005, and was told by his wife Valetta that he needed a new hobby.

He started his collection with the red 135 (far right).

“About 12 years ago, the 135 was a farm tractor at my brother Dennis’ farm, and that tractor was bought in 1968,” Mr Heck said.

“That’s the newest.”

Mr Heck said that was just the start of his collection, which he proudly displayed for The Independent in age order (left to right).

The first three tractors were made around 1950 and ran on petrol.

“Then there’s the petrol-kero, the fourth one with the strange grill,” Mr Heck said.

“That’s the same tractor as my dad bought in 1952 or so.

“I learned to drive when I was 13 and I loved getting home from school to hop on the tractor and go and do some ploughing with the two furrow plough.”

The next two tractors are TEF diesels.

“They’re 54 models and they’re called TEF diesels, they were the first diesel tractor that Ferguson brought out and they had four cylinders,” Mr Heck said.

Mr Heck was proud to own the two grey and gold tractors (7th and 8th).

“It’s hard to get the gold-bronze colour, they only made them for about 18 months in 1956 and 57,” he said.

“One’s a diesel and one’s a petrol, the petrol is very rare, you can’t find many petrol FE35s about.

“It’s stamped on the side of both difs marking when they were made [November 1957 and July 1957].

“When I bought those tractors they were painted, what was left of the paint, grey and red.”

Mr Heck explained when Massey Ferguson bought out Ferguson in 1956 they had lots of grey and gold models left to sell, but Massey wanted them to be red.

“A lot of people thought they had the red and grey from brand new,” Mr Heck said.

“When I went to the saleyards I scratched the grey paint off and underneath there was the goldy-bronze.”

Mr Heck’s two most valuable tractors are the red Masseys.

“Those two grey and golds were hard to start and they were not real powerful, so they decided to bring out the three cylinder one which was much more powerful,” he said.

“The 35X, the red one, is a three cylinder diesel, it’s 44 horsepower and it has the same motor as the 135.

“They’re the most powerful tractors, and they would be worth the most.”

He said he was often in the shed tinkering with his Fergies.

“Why I’ve chosen the Fergie’s is they’re so easy to work on, you can pull the wheels off, put in new bearings, take the fuel tank off, clean it out,” Mr Heck said.