Old boys back in the game

Warren Haines played for Laidley Lions Rugby League Club from 1980 and is pictured with his coach Rob Yeo, who at the same time played seniors. Pictures: JACOB HAYDEN

The Old Boys of Laidley played on a different field on Sunday, 2 June, coming together to reminisce their footy days over a game of bowls.

Laidley Lions Rugby League Club Old Boys hosted its annual Bows Day at Laidley Bowls Club, bringing together former players and coaches to reminisce and raise some funds for good causes.

Old Boys president Dan Flanagan said the weather played nice and made for a great day out.

“We filled the green with 64 people and we turned a few back, but that will get them to get their names in early next time,” Flanagan said.

“We’re so grateful for the weather.”

The Old Boys supported various locals through the event.

“We try to support different charities and different people who are in strife,” Flanagan said.

“This year we hope to be able to give some money to the lady from a local sporting group who’s been going through breast cancer.

“Then a young farmer who was trying to stop a fire in a house last week and burned his hands pretty severely with oil, we’re going to throw a bit of money to him for his medical expenses.”

John ‘Harro’ Harrison from Lowood was enjoying himself on the green, catching up with old fellas he played football with and the boys he coached in later years.

“In 1988 I coached the under 21s in Brisbane, Souths Magpies, won a premiership, and then the next three years I coached the reserve grade side,” he said.

“From there I ended up coaching the Queensland Cup team for the Ipswich Jets.”

Harro said he played from 1969-81 in Laidley and also coached reserve grade.

“I came back here in 1984 and coached through to 1987, then I came back in ‘92 and coached to ‘95.”