Latest from the saleyards – 5 June 2024

Quality Charolais x weaner heifers aged 6-8 months old, account of I & C Gilliland of Blackbutt, sold for $730/head at the Toogoolawah Saleyards on 31 May. Picture: SHEPHERDSON AND BOYD


Thursday, 30 May

412 head were yarded at Stariha Auctions Laidley cattle sale on Thursday. Steers and heifers held firm in a declining market, with solid competition for all types. Export cattle sold to easier rates.

Geoff Steinhardt, Ropeley, sold milk tooth Droughtmaster steers for $1400 & $1290 and vealer heifers for $650. Darren Tillack, Woodlands, sold Charolais cross weaner steers for $1000. LE Mann, Lanefield, sold lines of light feeder heifers, with Brangus making $900, Charolais $890 & Angus $880 and yearling Brahman heifers for $930. Elise Wilson, West Haldon, sold Charolais cross backgrounder steers for $1140. Mick & Maree Coogan, Mt Whitestone, sold Limousin cross weaner steers for $930. George Miller, Mt Whitestone, sold Brahman cows for $1320 and heifers for $1130. THC Investments, Stockyard, sold lines of light feeder heifers, with Charbrays making $920, Charolais $900 & Angus $880. Bob Armitage, Ma Ma Creek, sold Droughtmaster cows for $1280. Tony Stariha, Mulgowie, sold Brahman steers for $1220, $940 & $900. Jennifer Barkhuizen, Iredale, sold Murray Grey weaner steers for $1000. Gary & Mary-Ann Galea, Adare, sold a Droughtmaster bull for $1800 and Droughtmaster steers for $1200. Garry Yates, Atkinsons Dam, sold milk tooth Angus heifers for $880 & $830. The Pickering Family, Black Duck Creek, sold a line of Droughtmaster backgrounder steers for $1020 and young weaner steers for $780. Glynn & Karen Crosby, Townson, sold Droughtmaster/ Brahman cross weaner steers for $895. John Cootes, Black Duck Creek, sold Brahman cross steers for $780 & $690.


Tuesday, 28 May

Agents Boyd O’Brien Bartholomew reported a yarding of 438 head of cattle. A smaller yarding came to hand this week, with the better export cattle still selling to firm rates. The plainer types of cattle sold to reduced rates. Pens of weaners and yearlings sold to firm rates with competition from both local and travelled buyers.

Description, Vendor, Breed, c/kg, $/head

Weaner Heifers, JCE Ryan Pty Ltd, Brangus, 251.2c/kg, $568/head.

Weaner Steers, Tamrookum Creek Farm, Droughtmaster, 297.2c/kg, $918/head.

Yearling Steers, AF & CM Taylor, Droughtmaster, 299.2c/kg, $1064/head.

Trade Heifers, GR & SJ Issell Pty Ltd, Angus, 283.2c/kg, $957/head.

Pasture Heifers, O’Connor Family Trust, Charolais x, 268.2c/kg, $1528/head.

Pasture Steers, GR & SJ Issell Pty Ltd, Angus x, 278.2c/kg, $1355/head.

Heavy Cows, BP & MJ Scheiwe, Charolais, 220.2c/kg, $1848/head.

Heavy Cows, JCE Ryan Pty Ltd, Charbray, 229.2c/kg, $1455/head.

Pens of Heavy Cows, C, P, D & F Maden, Charbray x, 229.2c/kg, $1435/head.

Medium Cows, PJ & FAL Eggleston, Droughtmaster, 221.2c/kg, $1094/head.

Medium Bulls, BP & MJ Scheiwe , Charolais, 239.2c/kg, $1853/head.

Heavy Bulls, D Roderick & Partners, Angus, 234.2c/kg, $2166/head.

Heavy Bulls, Nindethana Pastoral, Droughtmaster , 220.2c/kg, $2279/head.


Monday, 27 May

The number of cattle penned at Toowoomba remained virtually unchanged at 136 head and included in the lineup were 27 head sold open auction. Overall quality was mixed and young cattle were in the largest numbers. The regular panel of buyers was present and operating plus a large number of onlookers.

Light weight yearling steers returning to the paddock made to 330c/kg. Yearling steers 280 to 330kg to restockers made to 376c to average 330c with poor quality lines to 264c/kg. Yearling steers to feed averaged 346c and made to 350c/kg. Light weight yearling heifers to restockers made to 260c to average 252c/kg. Yearling heifers to feed made to 270c to average 254c/kg. Heavy weight yearling heifers made to 236c/kg.

Grown steers to feed made to 270c/kg some returning $1,476/head. Young steers sold open auction made to $620/head. Cows and calves made to $1,520/unit.


Friday, 31 May

Quality Lines of Cattle Remain firm at Toogoolawah

Shepherdson and Boyd yarded 1126 head of cattle for their Toogoolawah store sale on the 31st of May. Top quality re-stocker steers and heifers sold to strong competition with prices remaining firm. Lesser quality and more tropical cattle were again easier with declining competition for these articles. A nice line of prime and store cows met with strong support and were fully firm.

Brangus X steers 3 year old account of C. Simpson and A. Vandel of Blackbutt sold for $1540/head. Simmental X steers 16mths old account of A & N Parker of Kenilworth sold for $1170/head. Shine Brothers of Fernvale sold Charolais X steers 14-16mths old for $1180/head and weaner steers 8mths old for $1080/head. W & A Oxenford of Toogoolawah sold a quality pen of Angus X weaner steers 8mths old for $1040/head. Binney Pastoral of Ramsay sold a quality run of Simmental X weaner steers 8mths old topping at $1030/head. Darren Clancy of Linville sold Charbray X weaner steers 8mths old for $1020/head. P & R Smith of Ivory Creek sold Charolais X weaner steers 8mths old for $1020/head. Melissa Thornton of Kilcoy sold Charolais X weaner steers 8mths old for $1010/head. Tyler Beanland of Kingaroy sold Charbray X weaner steers for $1010/head.

Glendale partnership of Harlin sold Droughtmaster X steers 10-12mths old for $940/head. D & A Philp of Linville sold Santa X weaner steers 6-8mths old for $900/head. R & D Wainwright of Mt Byron sold Charolais X weaner steers 8mths old for $890/head. P & F Eggleston of Toogoolawah sold Santa X weaner steers 6-7mths old for $860/head. Greg & Linda Nugent of Dayboro sold Droughtmaster steers 12mths old for $820/head.

The feeder heifers sold to firm market on previous weeks. P2ml Pastoral of Beaudesert sold Charbray heifers 18mths old for $1050/head. Charolais X heifers 16-18mths old account of A & L Bechley for $1050/head. A & A Cousins of Harlin sold Charolais X heifers 16mths old for $940/head. Hillside Partnership of Scrub Creek sold Brahman X heifers 22mths old for $900/head. I & C Gilliland of Blackbutt sold Charolais X weaner heifers 8mths old for $730/head. Binney Pastoral of Ramsay sold Simmental X weaner heifers for $650/head. Tyler Beanland of Kingaroy sold Charbray X weaner heifers $610/head. Peter & Robyn smith of Toogoolawah sold Charolais X weaner heifers for $610/head.

Colin Goldsworthy of Moogerah sold Charolais X weaner heifers 6-8mths old for $600/head. W & A Oxenford of Toogoolawah sold Angus X weaner heifers 6mths old for $600/head. D & A Philp sold Santa heifers 6-8mths old for $590/head. Stanley River Grazing of Commissioners Flat sold Charolais X weaner heifers for $600/head. Shepherdson and Boyd would like to thank all of their vendors, buyers and underbidders for their valued support. The next Toogoolawah Store Sale is Friday 14th of June, starting at 9am.


Monday, 27 May

203 head were sold at Stariha Auctions Woodford cattle sale on Monday. Some quality vealer heifers came to hand selling to fully firm rates. Younger steers also held firm.

Jim Green, Mt Archer, sold young Droughtmaster steers for $775. PJ Roberts, Woodford, sold young Limousin males for $790 & $700 and vealer heifers for $600 & $560. Melissa Thornton, Harlin, sold lines of Euro vealer heifers for $650, $520 & $480. Greg Miller, Lacey’s Creek, sold Droughtmaster steers, 8 months, for $840 and vealer heifers for $530. Duggan & Stock, Hunchy, sold a pen of Murray Grey cows for $1390. Terry O’Neill, Bracalba, sold Charolais yearling steers for $1000. James & Kacey Pitkin, Colinton, sold Charolais cross steer calves for $690. Paul & Sherrie Maher, Mt Kilcoy, sold Brangus vealer heifers for $500. Brenden Wheildon, Toogoolawah, sold Charolais cross vealer heifers for $470. R Dawes, Mt Mee, sold a line of British White steers for $1090.