On the district scoreboard – 5 June 2024

Kilcoy Eight Ball Summer League Finals A Group Winners - Kill Shots: Steve Gannon, Mel Harrison, Roscoe Burgess, Sam Cooper, Matt Harrison. Picture: KEBA


Brisbane Valley Rattlers AFC

Friday night saw a tough away game for Brisbane Valley Rattlers against a young slick Redland-Victoria Point Sharks outfit at Ern and Elma Dowling Sports Ground, 10.10.17 Sharks – 2.5.17 Rattlers.

Rattlers winger Dan Bird-Smith displayed great speed to unfortunately kick three behinds, however one goal kicked by full forward John ‘Samwhiches’ Forthergill and Josh Spicer out of the middle had the Rattlers in the hunt early.

Rattlers defence was under siege all right, however Kurt Johns in his first year of footy impressed, with his accountability and physicality, and was voted player’s player. Next best was Dane Bird-Smith, Joshua Spicer, Matt Woody, and as always brothers Jimmy and Andy Scarce.

Matty Carr in his third year as a senior player for the young club shared his thoughts on the season so far.

“It’s been a tough start to the year for the lads with about half the squad injured and playing only away games due to vandalism on the lights. We’ve been training with the Ipswich Cats but haven’t managed to play on our home deck since the pre-season. It’s good to be back at home this weekend and the boys are up and about for this week’s game at home! We hope the community can get down and support us at the Fernvale Sports Park from 7pm this Friday night.”

Brisbane Valley Rattlers Train at Fernvale Sports Park Monday and Wednesday night at 6.30pm. Games are Friday night bounce down at 7.30pm Division 4 South Competition.


Toogoolawah Bowls Club

On Friday 31st May we held another of our series of Trivia nights where participants can enjoy a meal courtesy of the Esk Food Van and a night of trivia competition. We were fortunate to have a full house with everyone enjoying the evening immensely. Our next evening will be on 28th June so get your teams ready and advise Keith of your wish to attend.

On Saturday 1st June a group of Rail Trailers enjoyed a refreshing break at the club with a wonderful lunch and some refreshing drinks before starting their last leg of the day to Esk.

On Sunday 2nd June We had a game of triples with the victors being Maida, Colin and Tom with the runners up being Dot, Neville and Hugh. Raffle Winner, after two redraws was Maida


Kilcoy Eight Ball Association

Our Summer League Finals were played on Wednesday the 29th of May.

In the B Group Final we had Wolfpack take on The Bushrangers in a very entertaining battle.

In the end The Bushrangers were to strong on the night taking the win 11 – 5.

The A Group Final saw F-Troop against Kill Shots in an absolutely nail biting battle. It was neck and neck the whole night which ended in a tie break for the win where the Kill Shots just came away with the victory 10 – 9.

Thank you to our Trophy Sponsors

B Group – Iron Horse Trailers

A Group – Comfloor

Also a shoutout to the talented Tracey Evans from Infinity Personalised Gifts and Printing who made our fantastic Trophies.

Kilcoy 8 ball would like to thank all members and teams that played and supported the Summer League this season. We look forward to doing it all again soon.

Our next open event will be the Aywon Open Singles on the 29th of June. This event will be International rules and all are welcome. Please contact Kilcoy 8 ball to get your name down.

Cue Str8


Esk Golf Club

Brian Granville took home the chook winning the comp as well as winning the pin shot on 17. Garry Punch was Runner-up. Murray Winchester took out the other pin-shot on 13.

The Run-down

Winner – B Glanville 47/29

Runner-up – G Punch 46/30

Ntp 13 – M Winchester, Ntp 17 – B Glanville

Best Putts – G Ray 13

M Winchester 43/32, M Beetz 45/33, I MacIntyre 52/34, B Thorogood 45/36, P Cook 46/36, G Ray 48/37

Saturday 1/6/24 – Col & Sandra Pettet Sponsored Day


Winner – H Knubel 30.5 nett

R/UP – C Nielson 31

3rd Place – B Farnham 31.5


Handicap 0-5.5 – No 1 C Wheeler, No 5 3rd C Wheeler

Handicap 6+ – No 2 3rd G Proctor, No 7 3rd D Richards


Sponsor Esk IGA – No 4 D Richards

Sponsor Brisbane Valley Meats – No 8 2nd C Neilsen

Different game today, playing 9 the front nine holes twice then taking the best score on each hole to get the best nine hole score. Heinz taking the win, with Chris close behind getting R/UP spot. Third prize winner Brett just half a shot behind. There was also 3 lucky card Prizes, with Macca, Peter Hedges and Proc being the lucky winners. Many thanks to Col and Sandra for sponsoring today’s event, who also put up $100 prize for a hole in one on the par 3 no 4, luckily for the Old Pom no one claimed it, maybe next year. A good day was had by all.

Sunday 2/6/24 – 9 Hole Chooky

Winner – M Winchester 31nett

R/UP – G Punch 34, B Glanville 35, G Steele 35, J Humphrey 35, C Pettet 36, M Beetz 36, V Scott 39, S Wilson 39, K Toft 40, P Cook 41, D Back 41, I Ward 42

Putting Competition – Murray Winchester 14 putts

NTP – No 13 G Steele, No 17 2nd K Toft

Good turnout for our Sunday morning Chooky. A good win for Murray also taking out the putting competition. Would like to welcome Murray who is now a full member of our great Club. R/UP spot went to Punchy.

Laidley Golf Club

Saturday 1st June – Men & Ladies Monthly Medal & Putting

Ladies Monthly Medal Winner: Judy Logan 88/71

Runner Up: Michelle Taylor 91/72

Run Down: C. Sternberg 83/75, C. Scheiwe 94/75,

Others : H. Gray 103/76, M. Voorma 103/80, J. Paroz 103/81

Pins: (Pro Pin) Christine Scheiwe (Div.1) Judy Logan (Div.2) Jenny Paroz

Putting: Judy Logan 28 putts’

Men’s Monthly Medal Winner: Derryn James 81/61

Runner Up: Andrew Paroz 79/68 on c/b

Gross Winner: Andrew Paroz 79

Run Down: B. Maugeri 80/68, P. Bird 91/69, K. Tofis 89/70, L. Belford 84/72, K. Hauser 92/72, J. Etherden 80/72, R. Stagg 90/73 on c/b

Pins: (Pro Pin) J. Etherden (Div.1) A. Paroz (Div.2) C. Panzram (Div.3) D. James

Putting: Andrew Paroz 26 putts

Friday 31st May – Chook Run -12 holes

Winner: Peter Wood 28

Others: P. McFie, C. Sternberg 26, R. Core 25, R. Yeo 23, D. Singleton 22, A. Parker 21, R. King 21, R. Davis 15

Thursday 30th May – Open Competition – Single Stableford

Winner: Dave Cannard 42

Runner Up: Ken Goebel 37

Run Down: R. Stagg 36, A. Parker 34, J. Ward 33, S. Luck 33, L. Edwards 33,

Pins: (Pro Pin) Adam Cullen (Div.1) Lionel Edwards (Div.2) Ken Hauser (All In) Andrw Parker

Wednesday 29th May – Ladies Competition – Single Stroke

Trophy Donor: Judy Logan

Winner: Cheryl Sternberg 79/71

Runner Up: Helen Gilbert 101/71

Run Down: M. Voorma 96/73, T. Harris 100/75, M. Taylor 95/76

Pins: (Pro Pin) Trish Harris (Div.10 Cheryl Sternberg (Div.2) Trish Harris (Div.3) Helen Gilbert

Lowood Golf Club

Results for Tuesday 28 May 2024 Single Stableford/Stroke

Mens Stableford: Winner: S Henshall 39 ocb R/Up: M Joyce 39

BRD: S Webb F Kingma J Luxford 38 I Dobbie S Mahoney 37 P Hallett 36

Ladies Stroke: Winner: P Dwyer 73 R/Up: K Jessen 74

BRD: S Kopelke 76 E Jensen 77

NTPs: 2: A Skinner 5: B Lowe 11: R Coolwell 14: Peta Dwyer 1/10 Div 1: S Henshall Div 2: Peta Dwyer

Results for Thursday 30 May 2024 Single Stableford

Mens Winner: R Peachey 42 R/Up: A Bolton 39

Ladies Winner: R Englund 34 ocb R/Up: S Kopelke 34

BRD: S Richardson 38 Pat Dwyer 37 M Joyce 36 P Muller S Mahoney L Videroni 34 P Lawrenson Peta Dwyer 33

NTPs: 2: D Gray 5: G Hair 11: J Burrett 14: S Webb 1/10: Div 1: S Mahoney Div 2 : L Videroni & R Peachey

Secret Partners Multiplier: Winners: R Englund & R Peachey 78 R/Up: A Bolton & C Mayne 70 ocb 3rd: S Richardson & G Hulett 70

Results for Saturday 1 June 2024 Single Stroke Monthly Medal

Men Div 1: Winner: E Hoger 71 R/Up: Paul Coles 73

Men Div 2: Winner: H Buckley 70 R/Up: J Webb 70 ocb

Best Gross: J Grace 74

BRD: C Lodder 70 E Hoger 71 J Brady J Grace 72 P Hallett D Gray B Wieland G Webster 74 C Wieland 75 ocb

NTPs: 2: G Webster 5: J Brady 11: A Bolton 14: G Webster

Rosewood Golf Club

Results 23.5.24

Thursday Single Stableford:

Winner: M Soich 37 pts

R/Up: R Ala-Outinen 35pts OCB

Run Down: T Voss 35, A Moore 34, S Hibberd 34, R Summerville 33

Results 29.5.24

Ladies Single Stableford:

Winner: A Finch 31 pts

R/Up: D Stanley 28 pts

Results 30.5.24

Thursday Single Stableford:

Winner: A Moore 43 pts

R/Up: G Petersen 35 pts OCB

Run Down: F Fielding 35, T Voss 34

Results 1.6.24

Monthly Mug:

Div 1: Winner: R Robertson 77/68 OCB, R/Up: R Morgan 74/68

Div 2: Winner: R Farraway 82/69, R/Up: J Piccini 71 OCB

Div 3: Winner: C Gehrke 90/68, R/Up: K Parker 91/71

Ladies: Winner: M Morton 101/72, R/Up: S Myerson 105/73 OCB

Run Down: Men to 71, Ladies to 79

NTP – No 2: V Gibbons 51 cm, Ladies: N Sutton 16 cm, No 9: (0-18) R Robertson 245 cm, (19+) K Parker 76 cm, Ladies: E Nelson 73 cm, No 11: T Woodford, Ladies: S Tupai 49 cm, No 15: J Soppa, Ladies: T Aumua, Approach (No 12): W Johnston, Ladies: S Curran

Mr Putter: L Alderson 23

Mrs Putter: L Johnston, M Morton, M Humphreys 28, E Nelson 28

Daily Stroke Competition:

Div 1: Gross: S Silvadorae 72, R/Up Gross: J Wojcicki 74 OCB, Nett: R Robertson 68 OCB

Div 2: Gross: K O’Connell 81, R/Up Gross: R Farraway 82 OCB, Nett: J Piccini 71 OCB

Div 3: Gross: C Gehrke 90, R/Up Gross: K Parker 91 OCB, Nett: G Collins 72

Ladies: Div 1: Gross: E Nelson 83, R/Up Gross: S Tupai 89, Nett: M Humphreys 73

Ladies: Div 2: Gross: M Morton 101, R/Up Gross: S Myerson 105, Nett: R Toohey 78 OCB

Club Stroke Championships 2024:

Div 1: Gross: J Wojcicki 297, R/Up Gross: S Silvadorae 301, Nett: J L Smith 290

Div 2: Gross: A Timperley (play off) 334, R/Up Gross: K O’Connell (play off) 334, Nett: J Morgan 283

Div 3: Gross: L Petersen 359, R/Up Gross: C Gehrke 375, Nett: K Parker 303

Ladies: Div 1: Gross: E Nelson 337, R/Up Gross: M Humphreys 373, Nett: S Curran 310

Ladies: Div 2: Gross: M Morton 427, R/Up Gross: J Browning 444, Nett: N Sutton 338

Senior’s Overall Nett: R Farraway 284


Lockyer Valley Netball Association

Seniors: Round 13 (29/05/2024)


Goal Diggers (18) defeated Left-Overs (7)

B&F: Zoe, Amelia, Jessica & Caidyn

Wish Us Luck (27) defeated Magic (21)

B&F: Joseph, Adalia, Jasmine & Keeley

Ladies Division 1

Wildcats (21) drew Buckets (21)

B&F: Isabel, Luca, Tahlia & Jasmine

Bits n Pieces (20) defeated Aquaholics (7)

B&F: Eleanor, Jemma, Sienna & Maddisyn

Ladies Division 2

Hoops I did it again (18) defeated Mishmash (3)

B&F: Not submitted

Noughty-40 (20) defeated Misfits (12)

B&F: Not submitted

Juniors 25/05/2024

This week saw the commencement of games for our younger division! We are so looking forward to watching these teams throughout the remainder of the season.

Purple Pixies (8) defeated The Snowflakes (3)

B&F: Alexis, Charlotte K & Halle

Daffodil Diamonds (6) defeated Rainbow Unicorns (0)

B&F: Nora, Isabelle & Isla.

Poison Ivy (18) defeated Black Panthers (11)

B&F: Yasmin, Rimika & Maddie

Mcducks won via a forfeit from Disco Turkeys

They played a friendly game, with Disco Turkeys beating McDucks 14-13.

B&F: Amelia, Jaida & Savannah.

Dynamites (19) defeated Sharknados (11)

B&F: Kelsey, Gabe & Amelia

Juniors 1/06/2024

Although it was a dull and overcast morning, the netball was hot! It is so great to see our players continue to grow and develop their skills each week.

Daffodil Diamonds (5) defeated The Snowflakes (3)

B&F: Felicity, Annie & Abigail

Rainbow Unicorns (3) defeated Purple Pixies (1)

B&F: Ivy, Jayda & Isla.

Disco Turkeys (17) defeated Sharknados (7)

B&F: Hannah, Tia & Chelsea

Poison Ivy (16) defeated Dynamites (10)

B&F: Makayla, Archer & Bailee

McDucks (20) defeated Black Panthers (7)

B&F: Finn, Amelie & Jaida


Gatton Hawks

Warwick 18 d. Gatton 10

The top of the ladder clash between Warwick and Gatton did not let us down. In a quality game both sides did not leave anything on the field in a “end to end” flowing match.

Each side scored early (6-6) with big back line players Damien Burrows (Hawks) and Joe Vite (Cowboys) grabbing tries.

Gatton Captain Luke Self caught Warwick defence napping when he scrambled over to get the home side in front 10-6. But the next two tries in the half were scored by the Cowboys by Wingers Jake Speed and Nick Chapman to make the half time score 14-10 to Warwick.

The Second half saw both teams attempting to play the other team’s terority by kicking early in tackle counts. Jake Speed scored a very important try with 20 minutes remaining after Warwick had most of the possession in that period. Warwick 18-10. It was Speed’s second try of the match.

It proved the turning point with the Cowboys closing out the match. Their defence was a feature with Gatton throwing everything at them and coming up empty handed on several occasions.

Mitch Wilson and Nick Chapman were outstanding for the ladder leaders. Luke Self tried everything in the book but Gatton could not cross their opposition’s line. Wilson was tremendous. He leads by example and is one of the form players of the competition.

Warwick won all grades and the deserve their positions on the ladder. The Cowboys remain top of the ladder in both A and Reserve Grades.

Warwick 18 (Jake Speed 2, Joe Vite, Nick Chapman tries Caleb Murphy 1 goal) defeated Gatton 10 (Damien Burrows, Luke Self tries Leonard Thomas 1 goals)

Reserve Grade

Warwick 20 d. Gatton 12

Under 19

Warwick 28 d. 20

Kilcoy Yowies

Kilcoy Yowies were handed their first defeat of the year by Noosa this weekend, going down 20-18. It was a tough game the entire way, with some solid footy played by both teams.

Off to face Yandina next weekend.


Gatton Glenore Grove Rifle Club

A cold damp Saturday afternoon with a mostly no wind . Great afternoon for the short 300yd target. Congratulations to D. Reddan earning a Rooster Badge for his score of 126.11

Iron sights/ Sporter out of 105.21

C. Greenwood 89.2 and G. King 87.2


N. Swart 103.12

F.Class out of 126.21

F. Open.

D. Reddan 126.11


A. Chalmers 120.12, J. Findlay 118.8, K. Hartwig 117.7 and R. Bowman 105.4.

Next week 500yds


Gatton Black Pigs


C grade: Bye.

Women: Bye.

A grade: Played at home (Hugh Courtney Oval) and won against the Toowoomba Bears 19-12.


Gatton Squash Club

Results 28th May 2024

A great night of squash for the Semi-Finals. Much Ado About Nothing moved straight through to the Grand Finals after easily defeating Green Eyed Monsters. That is the Question narrowly defeated What Dreams May Come 3 rubbers all and 16 games to 14. Love is Blind came away with the Wooden Spoon after going down to Sound and Fury. Well done to all who played on the night.

Nominations are now open for our next season commencing on the 9th of July. If anyone is interested in playing, please contact us on 0458 754433.


Justin Stephens (3-41) def John Bleakley (2-36)

Wond Xu (5-58) def Andrew Lerch (0-37

Aaron O’Dea (3-45) def Kerrie Toohey (2-43)

Sam Steinhardt (4-55) def Courtney Haak (1-40)

Lachlan Evans (2-44) lost to Trevor Neibling (3-51)

Connor Kleidon (3-47) def Codey Wegner (2-43)


Michael Pratt (3-54) def Natalie Mati (2-46)

Brent Loughman (1-33) lost to Kevin Gloss (4-47)

Brent Loughman (4-55) def Chrissie Everitt (1-33)

Blake Loughman (2-40) lost to Clive Nuttall-Smith (3-48)

Jason Cook (4-54) def Annette Kilah (1-47)

Nick Theodosis (0-26) lost to Mason Kleidon (5-55)


Kent Idle (0-24) lost to Shane Zischke (5-55)

Craig Jones (2-44) lost to Rob Balenzuela (3-47)

Kelsey O’Dea (5-55) def Neil Thomas (0-00)

Josh Reisenleiter (3-46) def Bruce McLachlan (2-45)

Terry O’Dea (3-53) def Hayden Kleidon (2-40)

Caleb Weier (5-57) def Graham Malone (0-33)


Esk Tennis Club

Round 5 of Winter Fixtures was played on Thursday Night.

Team Bruce 32 drew with Team Matt 32 match was played at Moore Tennis Courts.

Team Terry 45 defeated Team Ian 19 match was played at Toogoolawah Tennis Courts.


Laidley Touch Association

Results For Monday 27th May

Mixed Games

Uncos 7 def Sitting Ducks 3

Dirty Ruckers 6 def 434Run 4

Underachievers 15 def Tigers 5

Bits ‘n’ Pieces 9 def Rovers Mx 7

Golden Oldies 8 def Sambuca’s 4

Gammin Mx 6 def Mob Up 4

Sweathogs v Halfbacks & Halfwits was a 2 all draw

Layabouts won on a forfeit from Need a Sub

Men’s Games

Penetrators 6 def Gammin Men 3

Rovers Men 7 def Laidley High 4

Waterboys had the Bye

Please Note:

Preliminary Finals – 10th June

Grand Finals – 17th June